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•   Does Your Dog Have Cloudy Eyes?
From time to time the discussion arises: is garlic good or bad for your dog?

According to the Whole Dog Journal, "Garlic improves cholesterol balance, inhibits harmful platelet congregation and acts as an antioxidant. There is much debate about which type of garlic is best and every preparation (fresh, dried, cooked, raw or extract) has it's proponents. Although side effects are rare, garlic does thin the blood and should not be used by dogs with bleeding disorders. Otherwise, it is usually safe to take in "courses" of five days on and two days off for four weeks, then discontinued for one week before resuming, with occasional breaks of a month or more".

For more info, check out Home-Prepared Dog & Cat Diets: the Healthful Alternative

Is Garlic Good?
 Does Your Dog Have Cloudy Eyes?
We began noticing this a couple of years ago with Lucy: her eyes seemed to have a bluish, grey haze when you looked into her eyes. We feared cataracts or maybe something worse, though her eyesight seemed normal. Than we read about NUCLEAR LENTICULAR SCLEROSIS. According to vet Michael Richards: "This is a normal age related change that occurs in the lens of the eye. At about 8 years of age in dogs and about 10 years of age in cats it is usually possible to see cloudiness in the lens of the eye and the reflection from the eye may change from green (or red) to a hazy blue color...This would be more of a problem if dogs had to read or if they were strongly dependent on central vision but they don't read and they don't lose the ability to see movement which is more of a peripheral vision ability. So most dogs with lenticular nuclear sclerosis will continue to see well enough to get around for the remainder of their lives. "

Full Story Here:

Cloudy Eye?
Imagine wearing a fur coat in the summer and you can imagine how your dog feels. The Canine CoolerŪ uses SoothSoft? Comfort Technology to give your dog comfort that is second to none!
Perfect for dogs that are always hot or panting; extra comfort for dogs with hip and joint problems, including calluses, hygromas and hip dysplasia; older dogs; post-surgery; Cushing's disease, etc. Keep your canine cool with the Canine CoolerŪ!

Learn How To Keep Your Canine Cool This Summer:

Canine Cooler
I found this national directory of dog waste removal services that also includes information on how to start your own pooper scooper business.

Get The Poop!

Get The Poop
Sirius, a yellow lab, trained in explosives detection, was the only dog known to lose his life in the World Trade Center attacks on September 11.

When his remains were unearthed 5 months later, his human partner, Port Authority police officer Dave Lim, helped carry Sirius from the rubble, his body draped in the American flag and later granted full honors.

As a tribute to Sirius, artist Ron Burns painted a portrait of Sirius that is now available as a fundraising tool for the ASPCA to help fund pet therapy projects.

Learn More About Sirius & How You Can Help:

Sirius Hero
The award-winning HavaballŪ is an extremely durable and versatile natural rubber treat dispenser and dental toy. As your pet rolls, bounces, or chews the Havaball, it will periodically release food or treats. The resulting positive reinforcement or reward ensures longer enriching play. As your pet chews on the Havaball, its Denta-Ridges will thoroughly clean your pet's teeth all the way to, and below the gum line, thus conditioning the gums and providing jaw exercise. Used as directed, the Havaball will engage and stimulate your pet, while reducing boredom, destructive behaviors, and separation anxiety. Recommended and used by Veterinarians, and Pet Experts world-wide. Your pet will Havaball!

See The Quicktime Video of the Havaball in Action:

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